Before and after!

Down 41 lbs and still going strong! Not only does she feel more confident, but she notes that her reflux has disappeared, and her back and body feel so much better. We love working with clients like her who go all in on the program! 

Nicole's 90 days in the Lancaster Wellness program 

Elicia lost 30 lbs in nearly 12 weeks! She told us she felt stuck prior to coming to us despite trying numerous diet changes and exercise. She stated "you make the impossible possible"

Jens 7 months of transformation, this girl right here 1 word = Relentless! She worked so hard and never backed down!

Jim lost nearly 40 lbs in less than 3 months

Chad was trying everything and got stuck after losing 20 lbs himself, with help from us he lose 60 lbs more! 

Jen lost 40 lbs in 4 months, she had a hard time staying consistent! But with some help and motivation, she is doing better than ever.

Megan was such a pleasure to work with! Battling mental health led to the heaviest she ever was, she worked so hard and had a beautiful transformation.